Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients.  The comments below reflect our personalized approach in placing candidates in opportunities which match their skills and career goals.

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“Leah and Susan from Capitol Sales Recruiting have been wonderful to work with! It was obvious from the start that Leah and Susan are committed to setting you up for success. They help you through the entire process and they are extremely knowledgeable about their business. I would highly recommend Capitol Sales Recruiting, specifically Leah and Susan if anyone is looking for new opportunities.”   (Justin R., placed May 2024)

“Leah is an excellent recuriter, and an expert at professional career transitions. Leah’s insightful questions and attention to detail fostered a professional relationship where I know Leah was working with my best interests at heart. I will be forever grateful to Leah for reaching out to me, finding a perfect match for my next step when the 1st option(s) didn’t fit, and patiently guiding me through the entire process. Thank you Leah! I appreciate all of your hard work; you have earned my strongest recommendation.” (Grant W., placed November 2023)

“It was a pleasure working with Susan at Capital Sales Recruiting. Susan identified a great opportunity that matched my skills and personality. I was able to find employment with a great company shortly after working with Susan. I would highly recommend Susan and Capital Sales Recruiting for anyone looking for employment.” (Larry Z., placed August 2023)

“Leah made the process transparent and painless. She coached me through each step and helped me negotiate options I hadn’t previously thought of. Thank you for giving me a sounding board and helping me land an exciting new opportunity!” (Beth O., placed April 2023)

“Leah and Susan are the best in the business! They found the perfect opportunity for me and pushed for a stellar offer that was better than expected. I couldn’t ask for a better recruiting duo!” (Tanya R., placed March 2023)

“I have had a FANTASTIC experience with Capitol Sales Recruiting! It started with Leah presenting me with an opportunity I was initially prepared to decline, but she talked me through it and pointed out where I could be a really good fit. My first interview confirmed her judgement. Throughout the process, Leah has been there helping, guiding, nudging. Her expertise has been invaluable, and having her as a sounding board when the process gums up a little has been huge. I cannot recommend the team at Capitol Sales Recruiting highly enough. The next time I’m looking for a new role, they’ll be my first call!”  (John O., placed January 2023)

“Leah is tenacious, energetic and professional. She was with me every step of the way during negotiations and I felt she really cared about my success and happiness. Thank you Leah:)”  (Jeff G., placed September 2022)

“From day 1, the team at Capitol Sales Recruiting has been an absolute joy to work with. Leah, one of the lead recruiters, had reached out to me with an exciting new opportunity that perfectly matched my background. Leah was sure to inquire early in the process about what exactly I was looking for so that she could deliver the perfect offer. While the hiring company’s interview process was long and had many different stages, Leah was incredibly transparent throughout the entire time and always made herself available for questions or concerns. She also was a really great liaison between me and the interviewing company. I would absolutely recommend Capitol Sales Recruiting to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity within Federal IT Sales or any hiring managers who are looking for top tier/qualified talent who they can trust will bring value to their team. Thank you again Leah, Julie and Susan for all your help and hard work to make this exciting new chapter in my career happen!”  (Mark G., placed May 2022)

“I had the pleasure of working with Leah Athey and the Capitol Sales team for my last placement. They originally reached out for a couple different positions, but after speaking with them to get a feel for what I was interested in, we settled on one of the roles in particular. Leah and Susan coached me thought the interview process and provided invaluable guidance, given how they had worked with this company before. They were always available to bounce ideas off of and were my advocates through the process.”  (Brad M., placed April 2022) 

“Julie didn’t waste my time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. She listened carefully to my exact criteria and tailored our targets around my criteria. I therefore wanted to talk with her, because she made me feel like we together were on the same team. I said I wanted X, she found a perfect X match, a month later I was hired, and I’m loving the new role and team that I have joined. Working with Julie was professional, smooth, efficient, enjoyable, and ultimately successful.”  (Brendon K., placed March 2022)

“Susan is an all-star recruiter! It was clear to me from the beginning that Susan is a very experienced recruiter who can seamlessly guide you through the process. One quality about Susan that separates her from the rest is that she will put YOU first as a client, and will fight for you to get a fair offer. I would use Susan again in a heartbeat!” (Troy B., placed May 2020)

“I had the pleasure of speaking with Susan when she reached out to me about a year and a half ago. From the beginning she was extremely encouraging and caring. She’s very kind, and responsive, not to mention passionate about her job! I’ve met many recruiters that just want to do their job and be done, but Susan goes above and beyond to walk you through every step of the hiring process. To this day she’s reaches out on a regular basis to check in and make sure I still love my job. The most recent opportunity she set me up with is a legitimate dream come true, and I’m so thankful gave me the confidence to leave a job I wasn’t loving, for a much better opportunity that fulfills every aspect of the next career move I was looking for. She refuses to let me settle for any less than I deserve, and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without her assistance. I’m looking forward to many more years of working together. She’s truly the best!”  (Jackie J., placed May 2019)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for almost 10 years. As a prospect employee, she goes the extra mile to make interviews go well by explaining culture, personalities and sending LinkedIn profiles. She takes the time to understand what a good placement is for you and knows the companies she works with. Susan really understands the security market.”  (Jill B., placed January 2019)

“My experience with Susan was the best I’ve had in my 18yrs in IT. She was very pleasant to work with and whatever she stated she delivered on. It was about two weeks from our first phone call where I explained what I was interested in and me getting an offer letter for more than what I was originally looking for and most important with a company I plan to be with for a while. I would recommend her to anyone serious about making a positive change in their career.”  (Bryan D., placed May 2018)

“I had the very distinct pleasure of working with Susan while considering new Sales Exec opportunities.  From our first phone call to when I accepted the offer, she was available, knowledgeable, helpful, and tireless in her efforts.  She knows her business and gets to know the people she places.  She answered any and every question I had and helped negotiate a better package.  I’d highly recommend her to anyone and am glad to have her in my corner!  Thanks, Susan!”   (Jennifer O., placed February 2018)

“I had the pleasure of working with Susan Janeczek recently, which ultimately lead to being offered a great position at an amazing company. I am frequently contacted by recruiters who are basically taking a shot in the dark. They have no idea how to match the right skill sets with the right position. Susan brought two positions to my attention that matched well with my experience. I chose to pursue one of them. During the interviewing process, she helped me along the way with great insider information and coaching that, as I already mentioned, helped me to land the position. She also acted proactively as a liaison between the hiring manager and me. Let’s face it, interviewing for a new job is stressful. It’s great to have someone in your corner coaching you through the process. Would I work with Susan in the future? Absolutely. 100%!”   (Justin W., placed January 2018)

“Susan took the time to get to know me and matched me with the perfect career opportunity. She also took the time to survey the market and understand the pros and cons of the companies she was considering placing me at. She has a unique ability to serve the requirements of the hiring manager and the needs of the person being hired. Simply put she is a match maker and by far the best in the biz. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking to make a jump or stuck without a job. She matched me with my current job but it really doesn’t feel like a job because she did so well that I’m eager to get up everyday and go to work. As the old saying goes, do something you love and you never have to work a day in your life. Thanks to Susan I’m doing what I love, which is building startups in a position that allows me to have a voice and help shape the technology and company while helping grow both into a household name.”    (Dan S., placed November 2017)

“Working with Susan was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had while seeking a new career opportunity. Susan has a unique ability to match applicants with opportunities that mirror their career goals, skill sets, and most of all the culture of an organization. Susan’s superior communication with both the hiring manager and myself, helped set proper expectations throughout the entire interview process. Susan’s extensive industry knowledge and professional network greatly expedited the process, and provided an opportunity to immediately interview with the hiring manager directly. I would highly recommend Susan to colleagues, friends and family.” (Steve G., placed January 2017)

“Susan has a remarkable capacity to understand her clientele and the companies she represents. You might say she’s the Match.com of the IT industry. I have been blessed with her effort to get me the best suited job based on what I have done and where I want to be for the long run. The future is yours and Susan can assist, so I would highly recommend using her.” (Ken S., placed April 2016)

“Susan was incredibly knowledgeable about her client. She knew the focus and coached on questions and preparation for interview, recommended a ‘first 90 day plan’, laid out the process and dug for any potential roadblocks to securing the job of my dreams! I couldn’t have done it without her…. She was the voice in my head.”  (Kim R., placed August, 2015)

I have worked with many recruiters in my 20 years of sales in the IT sector, and Susan is the best! I would highly recommend any individual professional to seek Susan’s assistance in placements, and I would highly recommend any vendor to contract with Susan for difficult hard to find placements. She has the aptitude and experience to understand the needs and chemistry with both the client and vendor, and works very hard to find the right match on both sides. I found Susan very hardworking, professional, and courteous. Highly recommended!’  (Jim N., placed October 2014)

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Susan while pursuing a new career opportunity. From the start, Susan was professional, energetic and truly interested in my career objectives. She communicated clearly throughout the process advising me of any changes.  At the final hours of getting the written offer, she relentlessly worked to get the deal done in order to facilitate my personal deadlines. I would highly recommend Susan to any sales professional seeking new employment.”  (Kelly M., placed April 2014)