Confident Business People

Capitol Sales Recruiting takes pride in the personal attention paid to each candidate thru the job seeking process.  We understand the complexities and stress involved in finding a new opportunity and we are here to help.  Our approach is to match qualified candidates to opportunities that align with a candidate’s experience and career goals, not simply to collect resumes to forward to hiring managers hoping one “sticks”.

We know the companies we are recruiting for, having done extensive research and in many cases meeting with company employees and Hiring Managers. Opportunities presented to candidates will be the result of a detailed pre-screening and review of a candidate’s work history, skills and experience to ensure that they are not only qualified for the opportunity but also that they are a match for the hiring company’s requirements and culture.


During the hiring process you can expect:

  • Feedback on resumes and qualifications
  • Coordination of interviews and meetings
  • Interview preparation support, including detail on position requirements, interviewers, products, territories and company culture.
  • Coaching and motivation
  • Direct and timely feedback on interview results and comments from Hiring Manager(s)
  • Negotiation support when an offer is received

With a focus on quality, at any given time we will be focused on 1 or 2 placements meaning that you will receive personalized attention and immediate response to questions and concerns while working with Capitol Sales Recruiting.  This focused attention allows Capitol Sales Recruiting to accomplish a 95% retention rate for our placements with an average placement cycle of 14 days from our initial conversation to the receipt of an offer.

So what do we look for in candidates?  Here are some of the criteria we look for:

  • Candidate must meet at least 90% of the job requirements
  • Candidate must have a track record of success in meeting and exceeding sales quotas, attaining sales awards and recognition
  • Candidate must exhibit professionalism and knowledge in their fields
  • Candidate must be willing to work within salary range and at the level of open headcount
  • Candidate must be motivated by more than a higher OTE as a reason for leaving their current position
  • Candidate must have a stable job history and not have a history of job-hopping year after year

We have a multitude of opportunities due to contracts with over 50 companies, from start-ups to major corporations.   Capitol Sales Recruiting fills over 70% of the direct hire positions we are assigned, a percentage which is 2 times the national average.  To learn more about Available Opportunities contact us at Capitol Sales Recruiting.