Below are the opportunities that we are currently recruiting for. If you would like to be considered for any of the positions below or would like additional information please select the Job Number link in the table below.  

Job IDPositionTerritoryTechnologyExperience RequiredLocation
022118Federal Account ExecutiveDOE, NASAHPC, Performance10+ YearsWithin U.S.
022120Federal Account ExecutiveDOJ, DOSReseller10+ YearsWithin U.S.
022122Federal Account ExecutiveCOCOMsStorage10+ YearsWithin U.S.
022134Federal Systems EngineerFederalDevOps10+ YearsGreater DC Region
022142Federal Account ExecutiveCivilianCyber Security5+ YearsGreater DC Region
022144Federal Account ExecutiveCivilianNetwork Security10+ YearsGreater DC Region
032110Federal Account ExecutiveIntelAI, Analytics5+ YearsGreater Baltimore Region
032112Federal Account ExecutiveHHS, VAAnalytics5+ YearsGreater DC Region
042102Federal Account ExecutiveArmyAI, RPA5+ YearsWithin U.S.
042104Federal Sales EngineerFederalCyber Security5+ YearsWithin U.S.
042106Federal Account ExecutiveCivilianDevOps5+ YearsGreater DC Region
042110Federal Account Executive1/3 of Civilian AccountsCyber Security10+ YearsEast Coast
042112Federal Sales EngineerFederalDevOps5+ YearsGreater DC Region
052102Federal Account ExecutiveDOE, NASA, DOCNetworking, Performance7+ YearsGreater DC Region
052104Federal Account ExecutiveDHS, Fed FinancialsNetworking, Performance7+ YearsGreater DC Region
052106Federal Account ExecutiveAll Civilian (Growth role)DevOps, DevSecOps7+ YearsGreater DC Region
052108Federal Account ExecutiveDOD/Intel (Growth role)DevOps, DevSecOps7+ YearsWithin U.S.
052110Federal Business Development ManagerChannels, AlliancesDevOps, DevSecOps7+ YearsGreater DC Region
052112Federal Strategic Partner ManagerChannels, Alliances, FSIsDevOps7+ YearsGreater DC Region
052114Federal Account ExecutiveFSIsDevOps7+ YearsGreater DC Region
052116Federal Account ExecutiveMarinesEnterprise Software7+ YearsWithin U.S.
052118Federal Account ExecutiveArmyEnterprise Software7+ YearsWithin U.S.


We specialize in recruiting for the following sales roles: 

Federal Account ExecutiveFederal sales representative who sells information technology solutions from manufacturers into Federal Government Territories.
Federal Sales EngineerEngineer who provide technical support to the Sales Representatives to close deals. They are must have strong technical and presentation skills.
Federal Solutions ArchitectEngineer who develops and designs applications or services to meet customer needs.
Federal Sales Manager/VPManager responsible for developing and managing sales teams.
Federal Business Development ManagerA relationship builder who finds and manages business partners to help sell the company’s software, hardware and services solutions.
Inside SalesA junior sales representative typically with 1-3 years experience in making sales calls to help grow the company's sales and business base.
Customer Support ManagerA post-sales role responsible for managing problems and assisting the customer after the sale is completed.
Technical Account ManagerA post-sales role responsible for managing technical problems and assisting the customer with technical issues and questions after the sale is completed.