Capitol Sales Recruiting is excited to announce our new Career Resources portal providing in-depth career and job search resources. The portal provides information and tools with a proven record of success to assist you with your job search.  The Career Resources portal was developed in conjunction with Good as Gold Training and Barb Bruno, an internationally recognized expert in the Recruiting, Talent Acquisition and Sales Professions.

Career Resources will provide you with customized career advice, weekly “live” teleconferences, free assessment tools, a resume builder and access to over 1,000 job boards thru a single site. The goal of the portal is to support job seekers outside of our area of recruiting expertise.  This provides a free resource that will assist you in finding your next opportunity regardless of your experience or career field.

The portal is free to access simply by registering. Registering is quick and easy and does not involve any personal information.  You control how you interact with the site and settings allow you to customize your experience.  Once registered, Career Resources will allow you to track your progress as you move thru the career phases and resources.  

Job Search Phases

The site tools and resources are divided into three Phases. The first phase is “Prepare” and includes assessment tools, resume and cover letter resources, and tools to identify goals and target markets. The second phase is “Search & Connect” focuses on networking, job boards, effectively scheduling interviews and tools for job search solutions. “Interview” is the final phase and covers all aspects of interviewing including tools for company and salary research, interview strategies, follow-up, offer negotiations and final steps.

If you are just beginning your job search or need to recharge your job search, start with Prepare and complete all six steps. Then proceed to Search & Connect and complete the 5 steps, followed by the last 5 steps listed under Interview. There are also weekly live Webinars you can participate in where help is available for any issues, problems or questions. The webinars can be a great source of information as you learn from other job seekers going thru the job search process. You’ll achieve the best results by participating on the live calls and logging in to the site on a regular basis to review updated information, resources and job listings.   

Additional Resources

While we’ve touched upon some of the resources that are available, other resources include:

  • Resume Builder
  • Resume Review by Experts
  • Resume Cards
  • Sample Cover Letters
  • Job Listings from thousands of Job Boards
  • Assessment Tools
  • Career Advice
  • Vast Library of articles and videos
  • Live Weekly Job Seeker Training Webinars

We hope you find the Career Resources portal and its resources helpful in your career and job search. We’ll post additional detailed information on the tools and resources available on the site in the near future. In the meantime feel free to explore the portal and Contact Us with any questions.

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Introducing Our Career Resources Portal