Hiring Managers Sitting In Conference RoomMost of our blogs are directed towards job seekers to help them in their job search and career development.  Today we are changing direction and focusing on Hiring Managers, the decision makers behind the desk.  If you’re a job seeker the information below is still important and can provide some insight into an interview you just completed.  Come across some of these mistakes and you may want to consider them in your decision.

So what mistakes should you be avoiding in your role of interviewer?  Many are the same mistakes you look for in a candidate.  Not being on time, not being focused and not being prepared.  The Undercover Recruiter has an interesting article How to Avoid Common Job Interview Mistakes from Workopolis discussing common mistakes to avoid.  They present eight common mistakes you should be avoiding, many of which are common sense but are routinely neglected.

Being on your home turf can be a major distraction so it’s important to focus on the interview.  Be on time and push all distractions aside – no phone calls, no texts and no email.   Be prepared by knowing the details of the position and the requirements.  You may not have written the job description but you should be aware of what it entails and what skills are needed.   One of the worst situations for a recruiter and candidate is to have several hiring managers involved in the process and totally out of synch on the requirements and expectations of the position.  Meet with everyone involved to coordinate the effort and ensure everyone is on the same page prior to the first interview.   Also know how the hiring decision will be made and who has the final say on the decision.

The article also presents a very simple mistake to avoid and that is not being polite.  Interviews are not interrogations and candidate should not feel as if they are in front of a firing squad.  Be polite, relaxed and use the interview as a conversation to bring out the true personality of the candidate.    A comfortable environment tends to bring out a more honest and thorough dialog.    The tone and atmosphere of the interview should also present the workplace environment to the candidate.  Try to give a true reflection of the workplace and the atmosphere they can expect.

It’s important to remember the interview is not a one-sided affair.  The candidate is also evaluating you and your company to ensure it is a fit for their skills and career goals.   Don’t give candidates an excuse to dismiss your opportunity when they may be well qualified and a great fit for your company.   Avoid many of these common mistakes and you are less likely to miss out on the A-players.

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Avoiding Job Interview Mistakes As A Hiring Manger