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One of the hardest parts of the interview process can be the time after the interview.  In some cases you may leave the interview with an impression of how the it went, either good or not so good.  But for many candidates the time after the interview is full of uncertainty and second-guessing.  We all tend to over-analyze our interview performance and second guess our replies and interactions with the interviewer.  This uncertainty can create stress and anxiety as you wait for the next step.  So how can you determine if you did well in the interview?  In an article 9 Signs You Nailed the Interview by Emily Moore on Glassdoor she presents signs that help determine how well the interview went.  These signs include specific words that are used, subtle signs such as body language and the employees you meet.

A Second-Chance After the Interview

Working with a recruiter can help relieve interview anxiety and help correct any issues that occurred during the interview .   A good recruiter will be working on your behalf immediately after the interview.   They should be in touch with you and the interviewer/hiring authority to get immediate feedback on the results of the interview.   Provide your recruiter with an self-evaluation of your performance, address any of your concerns and ask any follow-up questions you may have concerning the position or company.  When following-up with the interviewer your recruiter can then advocate on your behalf to clear up any concerns or issues from the interview while reinforcing your qualifications.  This gives you a second chance that your competition may not get.

It is also the job a good recruiter to make sure there were no surprises.  You should  be walking into a interview for a position you are well qualified for.  There should be no disconnects between you and the interviewer.  Prior to the interview process we’ve already had multiple conversations with both the hiring authority and the candidate.  These “pre-interviews” help to make sure qualifications, work environment and career goals are all in alignment.  When you go into the interview you should be confident that you are fully qualified for the job.   The rest is up to you.

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How Did The Interview Go?