CSR Logo SwirlOver the years we’ve presented articles and advice that we’ve found useful for job seekers and sales professionals.  These articles have served as the basis for our blog.  What’s been missing though is original content from Capitol Sales Recruiting.  We’re taking a new approach to include original content on our observations and experience as a recruiting company.   This will include reports from conferences and trade shows, industry trends and analysis of the Federal IT marketplace.

Posts will also be categorized to allow for quick searches for your area of interest.  Looking for articles on interviewing?  Resumes?  Career Development?   Now they’ll be easier to find.  The goal as always will be to provide you with resources to help with career development, job hunting and career satisfaction.

We’ll continue to provide links to informative articles that we find useful.  We are reviewing the 200+ blog articles we’ve posted in the past and will be re-posting many of them over the next few months.  We’ll be adding commentary and re-organizing them to make the content even more useful.

Be sure to check back for new content and feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

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We’re Resetting Our Blog With New Content