Resume With Pen Isolated On White BackgroundThe art of writing a resume is as important a skill as ever, even in this age of electronic media.  While applications allow you to quickly put together a resume using features such as spell checking and grammar checking, with electronic submission of hundreds of resumes for a single position how can you stand out?  One key is to focus on the content and individual key words that you use within your resume and avoid the most common mistakes that many resume writers make.  Lydia Dishman in Fast Company magazine has an excellent article discussing common resume mistakes and how to avoid them.

The article discusses several mistakes to avoid in your resume format and choice of words.  While many candidates include a long list of detailed skills at the top of the resume, instead they should be focused on a shorter set of defining skills that are tailored to the position you are seeking and highlight your qualifications.  Grab the reviewers attention right away and the remainder of your resume is more likely to be viewed and evaluated.

Focus on verbs that describe your success, not your responsibilities.  A common mistake is to list all of your previous experience with a general description of your position without highlighting your accomplishments and success stories.  Use numbers to highlight these accomplishments listing percentages and dollar figures wherever possible to quantify these accomplishments.  Your results will stand out more than your responsibilities.

While this is only one piece of the resume development process it can help your resume get noticed when others do not.  The full Fast Company article can be found at:

The Most Common Resume Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Are You Making These Resume Mistakes?